the end~!
Epilogue 6-7
Posted Feb.10.17 at 01:30 am

Edit: If the site has problems displaying the double page spread, here's a link to it: link


And that's a wrap!!!!


Wow! I started this comic in May of 2012- that's almost 5 years ago. It's been an exciting journey, thank you everyone who's been following, reading, commenting and enjoying (that's you!!!)! Special thanks to Hiveworks for their support (without which I might not have gotten this far!) and my family, friends and collegues who inspired me to do my best and make a weird horrible fantasy story about friendship, horror, rainbows, despair, and unicorns with too many mouths. You all are a blessing and I can't believe we all made it here to the end together!!!


Other things I'm working on: I also recently finished up a series called Space Battle Lunchtime, a cute comic about cooking in space! All 8 issues of the miniseries are available in comic stores, and there's a collection of the first 4 issues (plus some bonuses) also in stores. There will be another collection of issues 5-8 coming out in the late spring/early summer! I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and if you liked Snarlbear you'll probably like SBL too!


I also have a new issue of my and Sara Goetter's animal adventurers comic Dungeon Critters coming out in early March! In #1, she drew it and I colored and wrote it, but this time for #2, we've switched. I've seen the pages she's colored so far and she's knocking it out of the park!!! I'm so excited for ya'll to read the whole thing. Until then, you can get the first issue here!


What's next: I've been talking to some Hiveworks folks and, good news- we're going to be doing a kickstarter for a print edition of Snarlbear sometime in the spring! Due to page count/book construction, it's probably going to be split into 2 more managably sized books instead of 1 massive brick. More updates to come on that.


As for new stories, nothing's set in stone yet but I have plans for more comics both off and online! Follow me on twitter (@snarlbear) for updates!


Also: I'll be at Emerald City ComicCon on the first weekend of March, doing some signings for SBL, a few panels and tabling! I'll have cool art stuff for you to buy!!! Come say hello!


Thanks guys! I'm gonna go get some sleep!!!!!